Resident Evil 5 demo will come to NA, everyone to get the love

Resident Evil 5 logo - Image 1Is the coming demo for Resident Evil 5 (PS3 and Xbox 360) limited only to Japan and the Xbox 360, or is it not? Don’t worry, we’re luckier than Japan on this one. Read up at the full article.

Listen up, y'all! - Image 1When report from Famitsu on the alleged Xbox 360-Japan Resident Evil 5 demo came out earlier, am sure most of you felt that bit of panic get lodged in your throats. Oh no, will North America get the same plight by some odd, unfortunate series of twisted of events?

Well you can rest easy now cos it seems that the Famitsu information details are applicable only for Japan (obviously, cos they’re a Japanese magazine). But, we’ve got word from Capcom‘s blog themselves that there is no exclusivity deal or whatnot for the demo on other territories, ie. North America.

So, hooray! We will be getting the demo both on the PS3 and Xbox 360 after all. Of course, it’s gonna come a little later than Japan’s, though. But that’s all good. At least everybody gets the love here.

Oh, and another thing to note, while Japan did get a move up to March 5th, NA and Europe are still scheduled for a March Friday the 13th date, ayt?

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