Resistance 2 Co-op video

Resistance 2 - Image 1Played the Resistance 2 co-op yet? Watch this vid as Insomniac Games designers take us through the co-op and explain how things are different in the feature. We get to see teams band together to bring big baddies down while we’re at it.

If you haven’t played co-op on Resistance 2 yet, or you simply can’t get enough of it, then this one’s for you. Insomniac Games developers take us through the lines of fire as they talk about how things are different when playing multiplayer. Watch as teams band together to take big baddies down – with a lot of effort.

It’s a different experience playing R2 on co-op, but then again, it’s a welcome addition. It also adds more hours to the lifespan of an already enjoyable game.

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