Revenge of the Invaders v0.7

Revenge of the Invaders - Image 1Think of retrogaming and invariably, the mind wanders to memories of playing Space Invaders in a cozy arcade or in your very own living room. Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer MenaceInc is now here to help you not only to remember, but to relive, with his nifty little homebrew program that’s all about giving us a taste of what gaming was like before graphics came into the equation. Here it is, Revenge of the Invaders version 0.7.

Download: Revenge of the Invaders v0.7

Revenge of the Invaders v0.7 - Image 1

Here to give you a pixelized blast to the past is Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer MenaceInc, with his little piece of homebrew that’s all about shooting down aliens. Yes, it’s Revenge of the Invaders, based on Taito‘s original game that had a player blasting a horde of encroaching aliens.

If you’re even the least bit familiar with Space Invaders, then you know how this one goes. But for the uninitiated, here’s a brief rundown: you control a ship that can only move from side to side, while a large horde of aliens march their way to you in very tight and very convenient formations.

It’s your job, then, to shoot down all the aliens on-screen before they reach the bottom. For this version, however, you don’t have to worry about being shot down, as MenaceInc has yet to code in a few things (more specifically, collision detection from the enemy bombs) but so far, this build is highly playable. Here’s hoping that he’s able to code in the addictive heartbeat music that came with the original.

Here’s the changelog for this version:

  • enemy bombs done
  • all images are now hard coded into the game 😛
  • finally got that dam random function of mine to work
  • added lives counter at the top right

Download: Revenge of the Invaders v0.7

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