Reverb v1.2 – now with main menu, better physics

Reverb - Image 1Need another challenging homebrew game for your Sony PlayStation Portable? Check out homebrew developer’s chrisp6825 Reverb, now in version 1.2, and see if you’re any good with struggling against friction and gravity. Details await at the full article.

Download: Reverb v1.2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Homebrew Development Forum

Reverb - Image 1Homebrew developer chrisp6825 dropped by the QJ.NET PSP Homebrew Development Forum to update the homebrew game Reverb for the Sony PlayStation Portable. If you enjoyed it in its earlier iterations, you’ll love Reverb version 1.2 with all the new features and bug fixes.

Based on the game known only as Compulse, the objective in Reverb is to lead a small ball to its goal while taking friction and anti-gravity blocks on screen into account. With that out of the way, here’s Reverb v1.2’s hefty changelog:

  • Added main menu and in game pause-menu
  • Added background music
  • Added somewhat of a H.U.D.
  • “One-way” walls and floors
  • Option to turn music on or off
  • Fixed exit function (used to exit to Lowser if it was running, else it crashed)
  • Some graphic updates
  • Timer now counts on how long it takes to finish the level (used to count how long it took ball to get to finish)
  • Shows number of used blocks
  • Shows the expected number of blocks to use to finish the level, plus a challenge number also
  • Small improvements in physics and gravity
  • Greyed out menu items show what is expected in next release
  • Some bug fixes

A handful of bugs still remain, such as slow downs, collision limitations, and random timer glitches that ups your time limit a notch. As of now, chrisp6825’s Reverb is completely playable so you might want to try it if you have a PSP.

Download: Reverb v1.2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Homebrew Development Forum

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