RgbRenderer v0.1 – draw with RGB colors on Wii

RgbRenderer thumbnail - Image 1If you’ve been needing a hand to develop homebrew for the Nintendo Wii, here’s a nifty app by NoNameNo who brought us AtaWii.  RgbRenderer is a convenient tool which can produce simple lines and shapes with RGB colors. Check out the full article to learn more.

Download: RgbRenderer v0.1

RgbRenderer - Image 1Another interesting homebrew application by NoNameNo for the Nintendo Wii has surfaced for aspiring developers looking for tools to make tasks a lot easier. RgbRenderer, currently version 0.1 in its initial release, is rather useful since it allows users to draw simple lines and shapes with RBG color.

While the wealth of RgbRenderer’s capabilities can sound complicated, lessons are available to take you by hand through what you can do with the app. To kick things off, you can fill the whole screen with any RGB color. Drawing a line or a rectangle is also possible, as well as display and move images.

NoNameNo stressed out that RgbRenderer version 0.1 was made to aid those who are interested in coding on the Wii with RGB effects. The developer is open for contributions if you have primitive functions that can be added to the application, and all it takes is to send an e-mail. For now, we’ll leave the download below.

Download: RgbRenderer v0.1

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