Ricardo Torres now editor-in-chief at GameSpot

Ricardo Torres now editor-in-chief at GameSpot - Image 1CNET seems to be beyond the recent shakeups at GameSpot – or at least, they’re working around the negative air looming over the controversies. CNET Networks just announced that a former editorial director will now take the seat of editor-in-chief at the gaming news site. And this was just after former editorial director Jeff Gerstmann left the gaming news site under mysterious circumstances.

Ricardo Torres now editor-in-chief at GameSpot - Image 1Ricardo Torres, one of GameSpot’s principle editorial staffers, will now be managing his fellow colleagues in the editorial staff, after CNET Networks officially announced his promotion to editor-in-chief. CNET believes that Torres is a great choice for the position which was previously occupied by  former editor-in-chief (now at Electronic Arts) Greg Kasavin. Greg Brennan, CNET’s VP of content, said:

Ricardo has been a key member of the editorial team for years. I’m extremely confident in his ability to maintain GameSpot’s tradition of excellence in being the most reputable and outstanding game content site on the web

Torres has been part of the editorial staff since 2001 and will be bringing a “decade of experience” along with him at the new position, says the official press release. But how that will stack up to the exit of Jeff Gerstmann, Frank Provo, and Alex Navarro, we’ve yet to find out.

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