Robot Warriors DC v0.1 – customize your robot and battle other ‘bots

Robot Warrior thecobra - Image 1If you fan of games like Custom Robo Arena, then you’d better follow the development on thecobra‘s newest project, Robot Warriors DC. Beef up your robot, and battle opponents, and there’s going to be online and adhoc game soon. More details in the full article.

Download: Robot Warrior DC v0.1
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forum

Robot Warrior thecobra - Image 1Now here’s a promising homebrew project by thecobra. Check out the homebrew developer’s newest release Robot Warrior DC, a robot-themed game where players can develop their robot to be the “best robot in www (world wide web).” Sounds like Custom Robo Arena, and we’re certainly not complaining.

There’s still much to work on in Robot Warrior, but thecobra is already working on the basic features of the game, such as online and adhoc play. Check out the complete to do list for Robot Warrior DC:

  • add adhoc play
  • improve graphic
  • add online play
  • add more opponents
  • add save and load option
  • add better AI system

Here’s how to control your mini-bot: use the direction pad to move around, then X to shoot. Remember not to get close to your opponent if you don’t want intense battles (kill faster, die faster).

The download file doesn’t include a readme, so if you want to install this game you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing. Enjoy!

Download: Robot Warrior DC v0.1
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forum

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