Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto 4: don’t count on a demo

Grand Theft Auto IV - Image 1Itching to jack a car then drive around next-gen Liberty City? You’ll have to wait until Grand Theft Auto IV‘s (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360) April release, because Rockstar has no plans of providing a demo prior to that. Hit the jump to find out why.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Image 1The wildly anticipated release of Rockstar North‘s Grand Theft Auto IV (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360) is inching closer, but according to a Rockstar representative, that doesn’t mean we can expect a demo anytime soon.

Talking to Video Gamer about a demo for GTA4, Rockstar’s rep said, “I’m sure there won’t be [a demo]. If there was we would have talked about it.” This is due to the game being popular enough for people to know what to expect, which is an open world where players can do a lot of things.

“I don’t know that the demo is worth the time and effort. Also much of GTA4 is the driving around and we wouldn’t be able to give out the whole city,”  Rockstar’s man said. He continued, “we would have to give away half the game for free. People would think Liberty City is a tiny city. You run into problems.”

Another promising reason why a demo isn’t necessary is that developer Rockstar North would rather spend every minute to make Grand Theft Auto 4 look great. Testing a game before considering it for purchase is common nowadays, but we must say this is a good call. No fun roaming around a limited area in Liberty City, right?

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