R-Type Command: Dimension 26, Saturn Rings gameplay videos

R-Type - Image 1Hankering for more R-Type Command action? Then the full article awaits you, with a two-hit combo of gameplay video joy featuring one of the most revered shmup series in videogame history, but in a completely different flavor. From dodging shots to carefully planning your every movie, R-Type Command is a completely different ball game. See how Bydo-blasting has become a bit more of a gentlemanly affair after the jump.

If you’re a fan of the R-Type series, then you might have mixed opinions about the latest game in the franchise, AtlusR-Type Command for the PSP. While you may still be blasting Bydo and other ships in this title, you’ll be doing it in a far more sedate pace than the twitch-based horizontal shoot-em-up we’ve always been glad to partake in, and we see the different gameplay style in this latest gameplay video update.

For the record, while the gameplay isn’t exactly the same as what we’re used to, it definitely offers a lot more insight into the R-Type universe than its shmup cousins. One such example is the fact that you can command a ship and its corresponding Force to split up and attack independently. This is in itself a key feature in the original games, but the fact that they included them here is testament that despite the genre change, it’s still the R-Type we know and love. Enjoy the videos!

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