Rubik’s Cube-like Wii Fit advertisement in Times Square

Wii Fit Nintendo - Image 1Here’s something nice to light up the streets at night-time: a large Wii Fit ad was spotted by a GoNintendo reader right smack in Times Square. It looks like Wii Fit is enjoying the spotlight right now, which is further enhanced by the heaps of mixed publicity it’s currently getting. The picture of the ad in the full article!

Wii Fit Nintendo - Image 1Not contented with the media and celebrity blitz that it already stirred up – not to mention a highly publicized racket it caused when it sent a 10-year-old girl into despair about her weight – Nintendo’s Wii Fit continues to get more exposure via a well-placed advertisement right in the middle of Times Square.

Looking like a humongous Rubik’s Cube, the Wii Fit ad in Times Square actually comprises of several screens that each show people doing various exercises with Nintendo Company Ltd.’s fitness program. It’s a pretty neat sight, especially during the evenings.

We can’t help but think that it would be better if other crowd favorite games would get the same kind of treatment – Wii Fit: celebrities, hype, a dedicated gigantic Rubik’s Cube, and angsted-up pre-teens. But sadly, even gems like No More Heroes have difficulty gaining the exposure they deserve, despite giving out free rolls of tissue paper.

Picture courtesy of GoNintendo reader Charles.

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