Rumor busted: No FIFA Street 3 for the Wii, says EA

Rumor busted: No FIFA Street 3 for the Wii, says EA - Image 1Aside from the PlayStation 3, X360 and DS, is Electronic ArtsFIFA Street 3 heading for the Wii as well? This is according to a recent rumor that came about, which EA had quickly clarified with their spokesman. Details regarding this matter can be found in the full article.

EA busts FIFA Street 3 for the Wii rumor - Image 1

Apparently, word on the street was that Electronic Arts may have been planning to release a Wii port of their FIFA Street 3 title. This rumor had cropped up due to a press release the company sent out earlier, which had hinted that Nintendo’s system would be getting the game well.

Was this really the case? According to a brisk response from an EA spokesman, it wasn’t. Quoting the EA’s Julie Owen:

We can confirm that FIFA Street 3 will not be available on the Wii. Platforms this title will be available on are PS3, Xbox360 and the DS.

As a recap, FIFA Street 3’s current release date for its confirmed platforms will be in February 2008.

Via GoNintendo

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