Rumor: Details emerge regarding PlayStation 3’s firmware update 2.40

Rumor: Details emerge regarding PlayStation 3's firmware update 2.40 - Image 1Wondering just what Sony‘s planning to pack into the PlayStation 3’s firmware 2.40 update? According to new rumor we’ve picked up, it’ll include the groundwork for the console’s Movie Store feature, among some other features. More details are available over in the full article.

Rumor: Details emerge regarding PlayStation 3's firmware update 2.40 - Image 1As the readers will recall, we’ve recently been running into quite a bit of speculation regarding the upcoming firmware 2.4 update for the PlayStation 3. For one, there was the matter of Sony UK‘s Ray Maguire, who hinted that it would come packaged with an in-game communication feature.

Then there was that bit about PixelJunk Eden‘s support for the PS3’s upcoming XMB Trophy feature, also speculated to arrive with firmware 2.40. Fast forward to today, and it looks like more details regarding this much-discussed update have emerged, as told by a reported company insider.

According to the insider, firmware update 2.4 will also carry the groundwork for the PS3’s Movie Store function, slated for a September release. As for the rest of the rumor’s details (quoting whoelse’s blog):

  • Access your XMB chat features from any game.
  • 2D trophies from the XMB where 70% of current titles will support them straight away
  • Video Coding and groundwork for the Movie Store (Out Sept)

The insider further indicates that the update will be arriving before the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 (currently set for June 12). We remind the readers that as this is strictly a rumor until more solid information can be found, you’ll want to take this info with a pinch of salt. Keep in touch in case we receive any sort of confirmation regarding this matter

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