Rumor : E3 considering going public to revive glory

ESA - Image 1What to do when your event is drawing flak and your circle of supporters are leaving one by one? Try a different strategy, for one. And this is what ESA seems to be doing for next year’s E3. Talks of them “going public” are circulating the Internet’s grapevines. But how probable is this move?

E3 logo - Image 1The E3’s been disappointing fans and developers alike, and we all know they need to shake things up or else. Now we hear of a rumor surrounding the games industry event as reported by Kotaku, and it seems like they’re thinking of opening it to the public.

There’s no official word on this yet – we’ve heard lots of “official words” regarding changes in the event’s format, only to be found absolutely wrong later on – although it’s been said that the idea has already been brought forward for discussion by the board of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

Instead, what we found as an update on Gamespot is a “No Comment” comment from ESA senior vice president for communications and research, Rich Taylor.

As we do every year, the ESA solicits feedback and direction from exhibitors and attendees on how best to adapt and evolve the E3 Media & Business Summit to ensure it meets their needs. Each element of the Summit is opened for discussion, and that process is ongoing to execute a productive and efficient experience. Regarding today’s published reports, the ESA does not comment on rumors and speculation, and will make an announcement about the details and logistics of the 2009 E3 Media & Business Summit at the appropriate time.

There’s been some major fallout in E3’s circle of pals, like Activision Blizzard who chose to skip the party this year, and instead hold its own event in the same week. That’s apart from all the critics who’ve thrown in their two cents on the current form of E3, such as EA’s John Riccitiello, Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc, and EA Sports‘ Peter Moore.

Let’s see if ESA can cook up something that will lure them back for the 2009 E3. Keep it posted here for more updates.

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