Rumor: early Kid Icarus concept model

Rumor: Early Factor 5 Kid Icarus model flies out - Image 1Talks of a Kid Icarus sequel never really flew off, specially with the rumors of Factor 5 shutting down. Still, if you were wondering what could have been, check out leaked early concept art of Kid Icarus after the link.

Rumor: Early Factor 5 Kid Icarus model flies out - Image 1 

See that? Those pics supposedly came from a former employee of Factor 5, and is supposedly an early model for Kid Icarus in his rumored comeback game. Kid Icarus grew up didn’t he.

Of course, we don’t know if these are real. As Joystiq points out, we don’t know if the Kid Icarus game ever actually existed, much less if these actually came from that project. Besides that, the point is moot, with Factor 5 being on forced hiatus.

And I’m hoping these aren’t real anyway. They’re pretty fugly for a Kid Icarus game. The model looks like it belongs in an Oblivion game. And that gratuitous crotch shot definitely doesn’t belong on a Wii game… because it’s redundant?

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