Rumor: Eidos – Warner Bros. deal sparked layoffs in Eidos?

Warner Bros. - Image 1The gaming world was recently greeted by the news of Eidos signing a beneficial deal with Time Warner, but it looks like there were some dire consequences: according to some insider sources, Eidos has laid off its PR, marketing and sales departments in what seems to be in exchange to Time Warner‘s financial assistance. Read more about it in the full article.

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We just reported very recently about the deal between SCi Entertainment Group (and its publishing label, Eidos Interactive) and Time Warner, and it seems as if it’s already well underway…with some consequences.

According to some sources, Eidos’ PR, marketing, and sales departments were already downsized in an effort to keep the company afloat. Either that, or because the Warner Bros deal – which allowed WB to handle Western distribution of Eidos’ games – made those department functions moot.

No official statements were made yet. Not that we’re expecting any soon, anyhow; they just clipped their PR folk off the big corporate tree.

Apparently, Time Warner’s entertainment division Warner Bros. Home Entertainment saved the game publishing company by signing a deal that amounted to US$ 170 million. This deal is reported to be manifested in the form of 171,605,424 shares created by SCi to raise funds.
But what will Warner ask in exchange for the deal? The rumor mill reported that Time Warner plans to have more influence over the gaming studio, but was not being specific about the entertainment studio’s plans.

Could Time Warner be planning on releasing more movies based on Eidos gaming-related IP? The possibilities are endless. This tidbit isn’t confirmed, however, so we’re filing this under the Rumors folder for now.

But despite the big change currently going on inside the Eidos offices Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC) is still set to be launched within the holiday season this year.

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