Rumor: GTA 4 DLC dated already

Rumor: GTA 4 DLC dated already? - Image 1Surprised with the rumor? Well, we are. If you guys think about it, the game hasn’t been released yet and now this? Well, we just got word that the DLC will be released in a timely manner once the game reaches store shelves. Find the date in the full article.

Rumor: GTA 4 DLC dated already? - Image 1 Things are definitely looking up for fans of Rockstar North‘s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 4 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3). We got hold of a rumor that will make you guys smile all the way to the moon.

It seems that even if the game itself hasn’t been released, the DLC for it has already been dated, allegedly. The first DLC episode has been said to have been marked for an August 20 to 22 release. It’s roughly four months after the slated release of the game.

Furthermore, the second DLC episode is said to be dated for a timely Christmas release. Now that ain’t a bad holiday gift, we have to say. Well, things are pretty much in the air right now. We’ll just have to wait for authentic and official word from the devs themselves. Keep you eyes glued for more updates on the game.

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