Rumor: Leipzig Games Conference off to Cologne in 2009

Rumor: Games Conference off to Cologne in 2009 - Image 1Yes folks! It’s that time again for another rumor. It seems that the Leipzig Games Conference, the annual video game event that usually takes place in the Leipzig Messes exhibition halls, might be moving to Cologne for their 2009 event. Details in the full article.

Leipzig Games Conference to move in 2009? - Image 1  

Although the Leipzig Games Convention is headed to the Leipzig Messes exhibition halls on August 21, 2008, there’s a rumor spreading that the annual video games event has plans of changing their location to Cologne for the 2009 Games Convention.

According to, a spokeswoman for the Leipzig event said that they were interested in Cologne for their 2009 event. Currently, no word has been given regarding any negotiations being done that would solidify this rumored information.

Better keep your eyes glued to our site as we will dishing out more information regarding the latest developments of this rumor.

Via Welt

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