Rumor: Platinum Games, Sega to publish 3 games, DMC creator involved in one title

Platinum Games - Image 1Back in January, we reported that Shinji Mikami, of Dino Crisis and Resident Evil fame, will start work on the first title of the team Platinum Games (formerly SEEDS). Now how far along are they? Rumor has it that they have signed with Sega to release three new games, one of which will involve Devil May Cry 4 creator Hideki Kamiya. More details after the jump.

Sega - Image 1Platinum Games, formerly known as SEEDS Inc., is rumored to have arranged a deal with Sega to publish their first three titles. Accordingly, these games are Bayonetta, Infinite Line, and MadWorld. What’s interesting here is that the game Bayonetta, although without a designated next-gen platform yet, will reportedly feature the creator of the Devil May Cry series Hideki Kamiya.

Here are more specific details for the three titles:

  • Bayonetta, directed by DMC creator Hideki Kamiya, and is described by the siteÂ’s correspondent as a “stylish action game” with “a witch battling angels.” Apparently she has guns on her feet.
  • A science-fiction RPG for the Nintendo DS called Infinite Line, where you play as a starship captain, customising your ship and crew.
  • A Wii game called MadWorld with “black and white Sin City graphics, red blood. Ultra ultra violent. Fatality moves like shoving a post through someoneÂ’s head. Chainsaw on your right arm.”

There are no confirmations for this report as of writing. Stay tuned here at QJ.NET for the latest developments.

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