Rumor: PlayStation Home beta open v1.0 hacked, found playable

Rumor: PlayStation Home beta open v1.0 hacked, found playable - Image 1Word from the folks of the PlayStation 3 underground say that they were able to download a copy of Sony‘s recent “open beta” build of PlayStation Home, and it appears that some folk have even been able to reproduce the same results. Unfortunately, some of the PS3 hack and exploit contributors were still running PlayStation 3 firmware version 2.10, and only few were willing to brave the less forgiving firmware 2.20 to try it out. Get the skinny at the full story.

Rumor: PlayStation Home beta open v1.0 hacked, found playable - Image 1

Contributor xtianoPL claims to have circumvented Sony‘s security shield and downloaded the open beta version of PlayStation Home by using the PS3 Proxy exploit. This new development from the PlayStation 3 underground gets topped off with an actual tutorial on how to secure your own copy of the recent version of PlayStation Home. The tutorial was submitted by PS3HaX Network member RDA990.

RDA990 has been able to enter PlayStation Home even without an official invite, though it seems that no one was active the moment they connected to the PS Home servers. Aside from recording an actual runtime video of PlayStation Home, RDA990 was quoted to have said:

I am the only one there. I can’t see anyone there, it’s like me being the last man on earth. I haven’t seen anyone yet, so far I have been in the (I think its) something Squar- the theather (sic), and right now I’m in the bowling alley.

The folks at PS3HaX Network say that PlayStation Home requires new features added to the more secure PlayStation 3 firmware version 2.20. But while we wait for more confirmation, we’ll keep this find filed under Rumors for now.

Thanks to Draken for the tip!

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