Rumor: Portable Ops Plus Europe launch date revealed?

Portable Ops Plus Europe launch date leaked? - Image 1Wondering when Europe will be getting its share of the tactical espionage action that Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops + promises for the Sony PSP? Rumor has it that the game won’t launching into the said region until early next years, as was hinted by an industry insider. More details on this bit of speculation is available in the full article.

Portable Ops+ hits Europe by March 2008? - Image 1Konami‘s deployed (via cardboard boxes, no doubt) Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops+ (MPO+) to North America just a few few days ago. Now, if you happen to be a PSP owner living in Europe, we imagine you’re getting anxious regarding when the game will hitting your territory.

We have just picked up info indicating that Europe’s port of MPO+ may not be arriving until March next year. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm if this is official – the info was slipped during a conversation with someone involved in the game’s distributor to the said region. We’ll be placing this under the rumor mill, at least until it can be properly confirmed.

As a refresher, MPO+ will host several new additions since Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, such as the new “Infinity Mission” single player mode, and the introduction of Raiden and “Old Snake” (Metal Gear Solid 4).

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