RuneScape to get a total makeover

RuneScape - Image 1Tired of RuneScape‘s painfully dated graphics? No need to lay down your swords, because Jagex Ltd. is going to revitalize the MMORPG with fully overhauled visuals. It will still work on old computers, but with better textures, higher resolution, and all that. We kid not, and there’s actual proof at the full article.

RuneScape high-res - Image 1

The latest explosive revelation from Jagex Ltd. should get RuneScape fans off their seats. If you thought the MMORPG can’t get any better given its accessibility and low entry level friendly to older computers, the upcoming visual overhaul will tell you developers aren’t slacking off.

According to a post on RuneScape‘s official website, a complete graphical rework has been in the works for the past year and it’s going to be available soon. In addition to taking graphics up a notch, an option to play in full screen will be introduced and allow RuneScape to run on higher resolutions compatible with widescreen monitors.

As proof, devs released a sweet screenshot showcasing RuneScape‘s improved textures and sharper character model. There’s no need to let it intimidate you, because Jagex promised the game still can be played on most PCs. You can find screen above in its high resolution glory.

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