RuneScape update: Legacy of Seergaze

RuneScape - Image 1For those of us who yearn for more quests in Jagex Ltd.’s RuneScape, then here’s some good news: the Legacy of Seergaze quest is now up and running, and pretty much anyone can give it a run – so long as you have the necessary requirements fulfilled, of course. And from what we’ve read, it doesn’t look too insurmountable. Check out all the details in the full article.

Runescape - Image 1

Playing Jagex Ltd.’s RuneScape? Then heads up, as we’ve got an announcement direct from the game’s official website. The Legacy of Seergaze quest is now finally available for you to take, and we’ve got the requirements as well as the rewards for it. As you might know, this particular quest is about the ongoing reign of terror that the vampiric Vyrewatch has over the citizens of Meiyerditch, and the mystery surrounding a temple. It’s your job to investigate.

So, what are the requirements? Here they are, as well as what you’ll get after the quest is over.


  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • Level 20 Construction
  • Level 29 Agility
  • Level 31 Slayer
  • Level 35 Mining
  • Level 40 Firemaking
  • Level 47 Crafting
  • Level 49 Magic

Access to:

  • A new hazard for Temple Trekkers and Burgh de Rott Ramblers to overcome
  • Updated/improved Slayer creatures
  • An update to Runecrafting

If you’re interested in the Legacy of Seergaze, then make sure you have the requirements needed before heading out to meet the NPC that would start the quest – that NPC being the Mercenary Adventurer at the Burgh de Rott Ramble, east of Paterdomus. The adventure starts there.

For non-quest related news, there’s the deal about the recently-added Treasure Trail items and Trouble Brewing clothing now allowed to be stored in your own costume room, in your player-owned house. There’s also some core changes made that will tweak the prices of items, as well as graphical retouchings on both Icefiends and to the entrance of Morytania. All in all, a very good update.

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