Sack ’em up: LittleBigPlanet Sackboy goes plushies

booyeah! sackboy's famous! - Image 1Sackboy’s going mainstream and Taito‘s making sure you’ll have a souvenir. They’re marketing LittleBigPlanet Sackboy plushies, and yes, they come in different flavors variants. See them and find out more details about the offer after the jump.

LittleBigPlanet plushies - Image 1

They’re cute in a freaky kind of way, and they now come in plushies. That’s right, Taito‘s pumping up their LittleBigPlanet‘s marketing strats by releasing Sackboy plushies in Japan.

The image you see above is the ad where the product was spotted, and it reveals some information as to cute, freaky sackboy. There’s two sizes to choose from: a 4-inch mini Sackboy that costs US$ 12, or a 10-inch Sackboy for US$ 23. Four-inch Sackboy comes in four varieties as well: normal, soldier, pirate and smile. Normal doesn’t look too happy, though, so I’ll probably go with Smile Sackboy.

10-inch Sackboy, meanwhile, comes only in two versions: normal or pirate. They both look … “normal”… only one’s got an eyepatch and a hook for his right hand. I think I’ll go with him – just because he’s got that X-factor that normal Sackboy doesn’t have.

Anyway, they won’t be out till late November-December of this year in Japan, and it is confirmed to be coming to US too, so you have a good couple of months to decide which plushie suits your character best. Oh, and don’t worry. They’re not made out of sackcloth, but of plushy brown material.

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