Sackboy gets more costumes this week

LittleBigPlanet - Image 1It’s a little late for Halloween, but that doesn’t stop Sackboy from getting new costumes. Animal costumes are coming to LittleBigPlanet. For a small fee, Sackboy can dress up as a shark, gorilla, penguin and more. Price list, pictures, costumes in the full article.

LittleBigPlanet Animal costumes - Image 1LittleBigPlanet gets more new stuff – Sackboy gets animal costumes! He won’t get to trick or treat with them anymore, but he’ll take ’em anyway. For a small free, you can have any or all of the available animal costumes. This is for a Japanese release, so they’re all in Yen, but we can expect a US and Euro release in the coming days as well.

Available costumes:

  • Toro (Sony Cat) – Â¥200
  • Frog – Â¥100
  • Gorilla – Â¥100
  • Shark – Â¥100
  • Penguin – Â¥100
  • Animal Pack – Â¥300
  • Costume Contest European Region Created Item – Free

These are coming out in Japan on the 13th of November. No word on US and Euro releases yet, but we can expect them to come out in the following days.

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