Sacred 2: Fallen Angel to be Centrino2-ready

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel with Centrino2 support - Image 1Thanks to our pals over at N4G, we’ve heard something new from Ascaron Entertainment and their long-silent project that is Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. We’ve heard very few things about it since the action RPG’s major showing at the last Game Developers Conference. Now news has come forth that says Ascaron and Intel are in cahoots for a major upbringing of gaming in mobile computing platforms, and it’s got something to do with Intel’s next generation Centrino platform.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel to be Centrino2-ready - Image 1 

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
will be ready for Centrino2, says Ascaron via press wire, and the official announcement has been given the nod by semiconductor giant Intel in a move to promote mobile platform gaming. The action role-playing game’s support will not only come for the new processor and motherboard design, but also for minimal hardware setups as well.

According to the official press release, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will be able to run on onboard graphics solutions down to 128 MB of texture and frame buffer memory. Ascaron says that the design of Sacred 2 revolved around the use of core processes (core multi-threading, methinks), graphic optimization, and notebook-specific features.

Let’s focus on that last note: notebook-specific features. Ever saw your laptop’s battery power level indicator inside a game? How about Wi-Fi activity indicators? Sacred 2 is designed to provide all that, while you decorate the landscape with fiendish entrails.

Also coming to Sacred 2 on laptops is the Ad-Hoc multiplayer mode (AMM) which should get you on multiplayer quickly via wireless connectivity. Managing Director of Ascaron Entertainment, Heiko tom Felde, concluded the announcement with:

Our relationship with Intel has been superb. The level of support and professionalism provided by Intel is reflected in the performance of SACRED 2 on notebook systems. We are pleased that Intel opened their doors for Ascaron to work so closely and feature SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel as the leading showcase for Intel’s exceptional new Centrino2 platform.

Expect Sacred 2 to fall on shelf-tops worldwide when the calendar hits October. More update as we get them.

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