SCEA unveils special Secret Agent Clank figurine

SCEA unveils special Secret Agent Clank figurine - Image 1Hoping to bag some other extra goodies to go along with your copy of Secret Agent Clank? SCEA‘s Frank Simon is sending word that they’ve got a special  item that’s being made available for those who pre-order the game. Further details are available in the full article.

SCEA unveils special Secret Agent Clank figurine - Image 1 Frank Simon of Sony America (SCEA) updated his PlayStation Blog recently with some interesting details regarding the upcoming arrival of Secret Agent Clank to North America. For one, the production for the game’s US port is now complete, with development now well underway for its other regional ports.

Simon also announced a promo that’s being lined up between SCEA and GameStop. Those who pre-order their copy of game from the retailer will also be entitled to a Secret Agent Clank figurine. Obviously, it can’t be used as a backpack.

We remind the readers that High Impact Games’ Ratchet and Clank will be arriving in GameStop by June 17, at a cost of US$ 39.99. Those interested in reading further regarding the promo may want to check out the source link below.

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