SCEE asks: How would you like the next Siren Blood Curse served?

Siren Blood Curse - Image 1SCEE is fishing for your sentiments on their survival action title, Siren Blood Curse. Did you like it? Would you like to see more of it? How? Read up on the survey after the jump.

Siren Blood Curse - Image 1Have you checked your email lately? You might want to do just that because apparently, SCEE has sent out a survey asking you guys about Siren Blood Curse. Specifically, how interested you are in it.

Supposedly, there are various aspects to be rated, as well as the question on whether or not you as gamers will be willing to buy more games from the franchise in the future. Corollary to this query is how you’d like to receive said future installments, ie. episodically, in packs, etcetera.

Looks like they’re thinking of coming up with more titles, but would like a clearer gauge as to the reception it will get in the future. Did you guys even like the first release? It seemed pretty fine for a survival horror title. What about you?

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