Scenery Beta 2008: Guns Armors v2.0 – with graphics improvements and more

Scenery Beta 2008 - Image 1 If you got excited with the launch of the Scenery Beta 2008, then here’s a PSP homebrew game to stoke that excitement fire further. This one’s from pipagerardo and it’s got everything that is cool and great in tanks. To know more about Guns Armors v2.0, cease dallying and head on over to the full article for the details.

Download: Guns Armors v2.0

Guns Armors v2.0 - Image 1 Guns Armors v2.0 - Image 2 

You can never go wrong with tank-action in your PSP. That’s why you’re sure lucky today cos  pipagerardo, creator of Asteroid Barrier, has released today his upgraded version of Guns Armors for the ongoing Scenery Beta 2008.

if you’re new to this game, it’s rather simple to understand. You’re on a battlefield fighting it out with other battle tanks. The objective, of course, is to survive the onslaught within the set time, cos you can have up to five opponent tanks attacking you.

But that’s not the only exciting this about this game. You can actually play with a friend using the PSP’s AdHoc connection. Of course, you get better too as you go along, having the capability to upgrade not only weapons and speed of your tank, but also the damage your tank can inflict on your opponents.

Here’s the dibs on version 2.0:

  • Pause
  • Graphics improvements.
  • 3D terrains (if your tank is at the top of a mountain, it will fire very far from your position!).
  • The game uses less PSP memory (so its more stable).
  • Added credits.

This game is also compatible to the Slim, and has been duly translated to English so you won’t have to worry that you speak zilch of Spanish.

Thanks to Unicorn for the tip!

Download: Guns Armors v2.0

Via PSP.scenebeta

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