SCEUK’s Ray Maguire still not satisfied with where PS3 is now

PS3 - Image 1Who’s resting on their laurels? Definitely not Sony. Despite the huge success proven by their PlayStation 3, Ray Maguire says they’re still not satisfied with what they’ve achieved so far. They’ve got miles to go and more to offer he says. Read up on it after the jump.

PS3 - Image 1 

Although PS3 is a hit with gamers out there, Sony is still not satisfied with where it is right now.  Ray Maguire, Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director, said they are expecting to see more exciting new genres and they will focus on the gaming experience rather than sequels and graphics.  He said:

No we’ve got miles to go. The power of PlayStation is just awesome and we’re starting to get to grips with it, third parties are starting to get to grips with it and we’re starting to see some of that come to fruition. But when we see the next generation of games coming after these, then I think we’re going to see something even more exciting, we’re going to see even more genres come to the marketplace rather than just sequel after sequel after sequel.

He believes there will be a massive change in the gaming industry within the next few years and even use the gaming consoles for different purposes. They just need the correct time to develop their ideas, and just like with PSP, they didn’t rush to get it correctly.  Well, nobody wants to invest money on things that are not in good quality, anyway.

There are several titles coming out next year with Guerrilla GamesKillzone 2, Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, Zipper Interactive’s MAG and SCE Santa Monica Studio’s God of War.  They will be pouring their energies into the game experience area so we better watch out what will be in store for us in the future with PS3.

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