Security analysts descover serious exploit in Second Life

Sussy McBride, Second Life - Image 1Security analysts spotted a serious exploit in Linden Lab‘s Second Life, and not even the tried-and-tested methods put up to avoid getting hacked can save you. This hack will let the attacker take over one’s Second Life character AND the victim’s PC. Read the full article to read more and to see the video.

Second Life players, be warned: security analysts have spotted a serious exploit in Linden Lab‘s highly-popular Second Life. This exploit is rooted in Apple’s third-party QuickTime media player, which can be used to embed media files into Second Life objects.

Without sounding too tech-y, here’s what the exploit does: once a victim plays the malicious media file altered to hack Second Life avatars, the hacker is not only granted complete access to the victim’s Second Life avatar, but also to the victim’s computer as well.

You can check out the video at the bottom of this article to see an example of how the attacker freezes the victim’s avatar and manipulates the hapless victim into handing out 12 Linden Dollars.

The security analysts as Security Evaluators have notified Second Life about this exploit. Until it is patched, it is recommended not to use the QuickTime application, and uncheck the “Play Streaming Video When Available” option in the Preferences’ Audio & Video section.

Via Security Evaluators

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