Sega has THQ in its sights, not Activision and EA

Sonic the hedgehog - Image 1Sega may not be the console manufacturing giant that it was in the early to mid-90’s, but it’s pretty happy where it’s at right now. The publisher says it’s in a good position to succeed and it’s looking at companies like THQ to compete with. The game maker, however, said that it doesn’t aim to compete with industry giants just yet. More in the full article.

Sega logo - Image 1In a recent conversation with Forbes, Sega of America said through its president Simon Jeffrey that it’s now competing with the “next tier” of publishers, but it isn’t quite ready to take on the giants just yet.

Jeffrey said that his company has been able to compete with such names as Capcom, Midway, and Eidos over the past few years and now he says the company feels ready to challenge bigger competitors. From a business standpoint, he said Sega is most comparable to THQ.

“THQ is a good company for us to model ourselves on and go after in terms of market share,” said Jeffrey. He added that their firm has doubled its shares on the market annually and this puts them in a good position for more success.

“We don’t intend to be an Activision or an Electronic Arts – one of those juggernauts. We’re actually really happy where we are. We can be small and agile and yet extremely profitable and successful,” he concludes.

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