Sega licenses Unreal Engine 3 for unknown projects

Sega licenses Unreal Engine 3 for unknown projects - Image 1And better yet, this is no rumor. An official statement has been worded out: Sega, the guys who’ve planned to go all out on game adaptations of other media franchises, have licensed the third iteration of the Unreal Engine from Epic Games for an as yet unidentified project. More to come at the full story.

Sega licenses Unreal Engine 3 for unknown projects - Image 1 

The press wire is abuzz about Sega‘s acquisition of Unreal Engine 3 licensing. And according to the official announcement, Sega of America will be using Epic Games‘ proprietary game engine to use for the company’s next generation videogame titles.

“Sega has cultivated some of the worldÂ’s most treasured game franchises, and we are thrilled that they have decided to make more games with Unreal Engine 3,” said Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games. This may be a hint that Sega has plans to modernize its current franchise portfolio.
But Dave Cobb, VP of Development at Sega of America, also pointed out that they might use UE3 in order to bring “original and exciting next-generation multi-platform titles” to the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. More movie game adaptations coming?

Maybe, but so far the names of the franchise candidates haven’t been revealed specifically. So stay tuned for more updates.

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