Sega Studio USA’s Takeshi Iizuka on Sonic, NiGHTS for kids

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams thumb - Image 1Sega Studio USA’s Takeshi Iizuka shared a few words pertaining to the video game development company’s plans to make titles that appeal not only to hardcore fans but also other audiences. He explained why Sonic tends to steer away from what followers expect, and what went into making NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams more appealing to the masses. Details are at the full article.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams screenshot - Image 1Sega Studio USA has a few solid titles under its belt, but reception from both fans and critics alike haven’t been stellar. According to game developer Takeshi Iizuka, who’s been working for Sega’s arm in the west as producer, director, and designer, it’s because the development studio opted to appeal to the mass market more instead of satisfying just hardcore followers.

In an interview with Next Generation, Iizuka confessed that some decisions in development were made to attract even kids. “I felt that if I kept developing Sonic Adventure sequels, only core gamers would pick them up,” he stated.

Iizuka also said the name changing of series installments is a move to reach general users. Thus, the third Sonic Adventure title was called Sonic Heroes and NiGHTS into Dreams‘ sequel became NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams instead of NiGHTS 2.

He made it clear, however, that core gamers are still taken into consideration. Talking about the latest NiGHTS game, he said, “ThereÂ’s still the original gameplay the hardcore loves, but weÂ’ve combined it with things that kids love – like rollercoasters, or simple action-platforming with the children.”

Other steps were made to make NiGHTS fit the western market, such as using appropriate names and employing British English voices. For the full interview with Sonic Studio USA’s Takeshi Iizuka, click on the “via” link below.

Via Next-Gen

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