Sega’s The Golden Compass promises to be as big as LotR

Sega - Image 1Sega and New Line Cinema are pulling all the stops in promoting their upcoming cooperative effort The Golden Compass which debuts in cinemas and game systems this December. The Japanese game publisher says that they’re hoping to succeed to the degree that The Lord of the Rings franchise did in both the movie and video game markets. Based on the book Northern Lights, this film tells the story of a girl named Lyra who sets out on a journey with her Daemon Pentalaimon.

The Golden Compass - Image 1Sega and New Line Cinema are preparing for their cooperative effort to bring The Golden Compass this December to audiences everywhere, and the Japanese publisher says all is going well in its campaign to emulate the kind of appeal that The Lord of The Rings had. The Lord of the Rings enjoyed tremendous success with its movie, merchandising, and gaming portfolios, leaving everyone else in a quest to follow where the franchise has gone.

Sega has made it clear that it’s on a mission to tread the very same path and said that “Lord Of The Rings was a fantastic success which not only delivered for the core book fans but also managed to appeal to a wider cinema going audience.”

“The great thing about The Golden Compass is that the story can be appreciated by all age groups,” continues Sega. “New Line is targeting eight to 80 year-olds for their movie advertising – the best possible audience.”

Sega plans to release The Golden Compass in nine different SKUs with a light theme aimed towards the more casual gamers. The story is based on the nook Northern Lights which tells the story of a girl named Lyra who sets out to rescue her kidnapped friend. She is aided by Pentalaimon, her Daemon and other interesting characters whom she meets along the way. Dakota Blue Richards and Freddie Highmore star as the voices of Lyra and Pentalaimon respectively.

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