Shadowgrounds Survivor goes gold, hits retail in December

Shadowgrounds: Survivor goes gold, hits retail in December - Image 1Shadowground veterans, the wait is almost over. Shadowgrounds: Survivor has just gone gold, says publisher Meridian4, and it’s just a matter of time before it hits retail outlets near you. And it’s about time too, because Frozenbyte promised it would be out in the remaining months of 2007.

So prep up your gaming rigs, and perhaps that AGEIA PhysX card you’ve been waiting to flex, because it’s going to be another alien-thriller ride back in Jupiter’s colonized moon. Pricing details and street date await at the full article.

Shadowgrounds: Survivor - Image 1 Shadowgrounds: Survivor - Image 2

Frozenbyte‘s sequel to the underground hit Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, has reached master copy status and is now undergoing mass production. It’s expected that Shadowgrounds: Survivor will hit both mid-tier and high-end machines by mid-November via download.

With the Finnish developer’s promised fulfilled, Shadowgrounds fans could hope to strap up their combat boots and dive back into Ganymede once again. The title will be sporting graphical improvement, hardware and software simulated physics, plus a new range of gameplay mechanics and will be available for US$ 19.99.

Meridian4 is the publisher to look for in the North American release versions, and the current street date for retail launch is December 1. Gamers should be able to download Shadowgrounds: Survivor at online distribution services much earlier.

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