Shin’en extends audio services to WiiWare developers

Wii - Image 1 It looks like WiiWare developers will be getting some help from audio and game developer Shin'en Multimedia. The company has just announced that it will be making its DSX toolchain available to WiiWare developers to help them make do with the limited resources available to them. More in the full article.

Shin'en Multimedia - Image 1

More and more companies are jumping on the WiiWare bandwagon, and it's not just game developers. Germany-based audio producer Shin'en Multimedia today announced that it will be extending its audio outsourcing services to Nintendo's new WiiWare downloadable games platform.

WiiWare developers can now make use of Shin'en's DSX toolchain, which can deliver custom sequenced soundtracks that use only a fraction of the resources usually needed by streamed audio. This could prove to be a boon for WiiWare developers since, as Shin'en puts it, they are "more limited in resources than with disc based games they need to have custom data solutions for their audio."

“We are happy to extend our audio services to the WiiWare platform," said Manfred Linzner, Project Manager at Shin’en. "This shows again our position as leading audio outsourcing company for Nintendo systems."

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