Shuhei Yoshida announced as Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president

Shuhei Yoshida announced as Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment has sent word that they’ve selected Shuhei Yoshida as their new World Wide Studios president. Yoshida will be replacement Phil Harrison, who left the company last February. Details regarding this announcement are in the full article.

SCEI Announces New President of SCE Worldwide Studios - Shuhei Yoshida - Image 1When we broke the news of Phil Harrison‘s resignation from the Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS), we also reported that SCEI president Kazuo Hirai would be temporarily shouldering his responsibilities. Three months have passed since then, and it looks like the company’s finally found a proper replacement.

SCEI has announced that Shuhei Yoshida has been selected to take Harrison’s place as SCE WWS’ president. Yoshida joined the company back in 1996 as the Producer for Sony’s Product Development Department. He was eventually promoted to Vice President of  SCE WWS’ U.S. Studios last year. Kaz Hirai had this to say regarding Yoshida’s recent appointment:

SCE WWS has been developing global hit titles, sharing resources and know-how within SCE Group since its foundation, and we will reinforce our software business by further enhancing coordination among the studios under a new leader. Under the leadership of Yoshida, who has proven track record in managing creative talent, SCE WWS will accelerate the software development for the PlayStation 3 and PSP platforms and vigorously expand the gaming market.

Well, here’s to hoping that Yoshida will be able to live up to his responsibilities – those are some mighty big shoes to fill in. Drop by again in case we run into any related updates.

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