Silent Hill’s Yamaoka on new Konami project

Yamaoka - Image 1 Famed Japanese game music composer Akira Yamaoka of Konami‘s Silent Hill fame has announced that he is currently working on a new project. He has expanded his role to overall supervision and is now exercising a great deal of creative control on game design. He has also finished work on the anticipated thriller Silent Hill 5 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360, a game whose musical score he describes as Dolby-quality, but not quite revolutionary.

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Silent Hill 5 - Image 1Celebrated Japanese game music composer Akira Yamaoka of the Silent Hill fame has announced that he’s currently working on another major Konami project. Though he declined to give details on the game itself, he did reveal that his role has expanded beyond musical direction and into overall supervision.

Yamaoka has been known to produce some of the most gripping audio backgrounds in all of the industry, treating survival horror fans to haunting and twisted tunes and lyrics.

“I can’t say much about it yet, but it should be announced soon, probably,” says Yamaoka in a talk with game industry website Gamasutra.

Yamaoka’s latest high-profile project, Silent Hill 5, was recently completed and is awaiting sampling along with the title’s release. He describes the score for Silent Hill 5 as full surround Dolby quality, but not exactly a sonic revolution.

“ThereÂ’s nothing to say that we need to just have static state changes all the time,” says the Silent Hill music maestro. “ThereÂ’s no limit. You really should be able to make the sound respond to the players’ actions or movements.”

Silent Hill 5 will be released on the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360, though a release date has not been made final. We’ll keep you posted for details on Akira Yamaoka’s latest project as new word comes out.

Via Gamasutra

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