Silkroad Online patch update: weekly server inspection completed

Characters from Silkroad Online - Image 1Chances are, you’ve gone through at least some kind of inspection sometime during your life. Developers conduct inspections, too – server inspections that is.

One example is the recent server inspection that Joymax carried out for Silkroad Online players. If you want to know what it was about, we’ll gladly tell you after the jump.

You can play Silkroad Online again after Joymax inspects the server - Image 1While a pleasant and smooth gaming importance is important, a pleasant and smooth patching experience is just as important.

That’s why Joymax recently conducted its weekly server inspection of Silkroad Online. Joymax even noted the time of the server maintenance completion: 15:20 on Apr 15, 2008, Silkroad Standard Time.

Joymax also mentioned that the most recent Silkroad Online patch backed up the database and added German, Turkish, and Spanish language options. Note that this isn’t the only kind of inspection that Joymax has conducted with regard to Silkroad Online.

The developer-publisher also did one for Paypal last month to address the PayByCash browser problems. As long as it results a good gaming or paying experience, we’re not complaining.

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