Simon memory game for Wii homebrew

Simon Memory Game teknecal - Image 1Fans of memory games would probably like homebrew developer teknecal‘s Simon for the Wii. Modeled after the retro memory game Simon, the player needs to memorize the flashing colored lights in order to beat the game. More details in the full article.

Download: Simon v0.3

Simon Memory Game - Image 1Now here’s a good blast from the past: check out Simon, a Wii homebrew version of the classic button-pressing memory game way back from the late 70’s. This game, ‘brewed up by developer teknecal, conveniently makes use of the Wiimote for the controls.

In case you’ve forgotten how Simon is played, let us refresh your memory: it’s basically a circular toy with four buttons in corresponding colors: red, green, yellow and blue. It’s the player’s task to memorize the flashing colors and press the buttons in the correct order, according to the series of colors. It’s certainly one of the few well-made memory games created by the homebrew community.

You can enjoy Simon on your Wii console by running the game using the ELF file booter of your choice. Make sure you know how to run ELF files, of course – it’s recommended that you read up on Wii homebrew first if you’re uncertain on how to operate Wii ‘brew games. The game can be downloaded below, with an accompanying readme file for further information. Enjoy!

Download: Simon v0.3

Via WiiBrew

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