Sins of a Solar Empire to run on older PCs

Sins of the Solar Empire - Image 1Not only will Sins of a Solar Empire offer free downloadable content, Stardock Games also promises it won’t require you to spend too much on upgrading your PC just to play. Reaching for the widest range of gamers is Stardock’s game plan, and it sounds like a good idea since the indie developer’s upcoming RTS appeals to both fans of visual treats and tiny icons fighting each other. More on this at the full article.

Sins of the Solar Empire - Image 1Stardock Games and Ironclad GamesSins of a Solar Empire is now in gold status and the promise of free downloadable content should be attractive enough for a future purchase, but there’s still the big question – is your PC powerful enough to play the game? According to a blog post by Stardock, you’re in luck even if your machine is a couple of years old.

Even as a real-time strategy game that can display impressive visuals on powerful rigs, Sins of the Solar Empire can be played as “just icons on a grid.” As such, the developers are hoping to reach a wider audience and enjoy respectable sales – something an indie game maker needs.

“The dirty secret of the PC game industry is that games with high hardware requirements don’t sell nearly as well as games with more modest requirements,” explained Stardock. The blog post further pointed out that even big name PC games you see on magazines don’t really manage to make it big in sales if requirements are too high. “Some of the biggest name PC games have with high hardware requirements have sold very low quantities on the PC. You just don’t hear about it.”

Stardock added that the official minimum requirements for Sins of the Solar Empire are actually higher than what is needed to run the game. According to the FAQ page on Stardock’s website, a 1.8 GHz single-core processor, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB DirectX 9 3D Video Card, and 3 GB Hard Drive Space are among the things you’ll need.

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