Skate It release on November in the US and Europe

EA - Image 1 Have fun like Tony Hawk in Electronic Arts‘ (EA) Skate It (Wii, Nintendo DS), which will come out this November in the US and Europe. The video game is set in an abandoned place with different skating rinks to discover.

Skate It - Image 1Skate It (Wii, Nintendo DS) video game will be sold on November 19 in North America and Novermber 20 in Europe.  The game provides fun and unique skateboarding experience for skate fans and gamers. 

It takes place in San Vanelona, a city that’s been abandoned because of a series of crazy events that happened. Wander through the favorite spots like Hall of Meat, and experience traveling the world to become Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year.

Gamers can skate by moving objects like ramps, rails, and benches to fit what they want it to be. It is a multiplayer game with awards such as Best Trick and Best Line to aim for.

Skate it has recently been awarded the Best Wii Game Award during the Games Convention tradeshow in Germany.  It has also been nominated for Best Sports game for the Game Critics Awards:  Best of E3 2008.

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