Slot-car Mario: Mario Kart Go!

Mario Slot car - Image 1If you want more Mario Kart love, then you may want to check out this cool Mario Kart Go! slot car racing set. Yep, you heard it right. It’s Mario Kart that you can actually touch in the real world! Hit the full article for more details.

Mario Kart Go! slotcar track - Image 1

Can’t get enough of Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise? If you find yourself eating, sleeping, and breathing Mario Kart, then you may want to get this cool toy as a gift to yourself this Christmas. Check out Mario Kart Go! slot car racing set, featuring Mario and his B Dasher, as well as Wario in his Brute car. The slot cars can be controlled via handheld trigger controllers.

Not only do the cars look good in themselves, made with great attention to detail and a nice gloss finish, the track is also pretty remarkable. The track measures to about 20 feet of heart-pounding fun, and has cool features such as a chicane and a quite perilous-looking banked section.

Check out the Via link to get more info and to pre-order the Mario Kart Go! slot racing set!

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