SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 videos: Magician, Samurai, Shock Troopers, R-Type

SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 - Image 1If you’re looking for a PSP title that has some of the most timeless titles ever made, then you don’t need to look any further than SNK Playmore’s SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1. In this gameplay video update, we look at how you can shoot fireballs, slap someone with your own sword of justice, AND shoot shrinking soldiers with hot fiery lead – all in the convenience of one UMD. The video in the full article.

Bought your own copy of SNK Playmore’s compilation of awesome on the PlayStation Portable, SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1? Then here to entice you into getting a copy of the game is not one, not two, but four gameplay videos of some of the games you’ll be able to play when you pop that UMD in. While they’re not quite remade into next-generation titles, they’re all compiled for your easy, on-the-go experience, and there’s no better value for your money than that.

Looking at the videos, SNK Playmore has definitely picked quite the varied smorgasbord when retrogaming is concerned. From blowing up soldiers and monsters with an ever reliable fireball spell to mowing down soldiers that mysteriously shrink in size before attacking you (I know they’re “falling,” but it’s still funny), you’ll have a blast with SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1, and you don’t need to keep restocking on tokens.

Enjoy the video!

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