Sonic Unleashed on Wii being developed by Sonic Rush team

Sonic Unleashed - Image 1Remember the frantic Sonic Rush 2.5D gameplay reminiscent of the Sonic Adventure games we all loved? There’s actually a good chance we’ll get to see that kind of action on a next-gen console, as Sonic Team producer Yoshihisa Hashimoto supposedly revealed the Nintendo Wii version of Sonic Unleashed (also available on Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) is being developed by the crew responsible for the blue hedgehog’s laps on the DS. Learn it all at the full article.

Sonic Unleashed - Image 1

Since Sonic Adventure back in the Dreamcast days, the iconic blue hedgehog from Sega failed to run great lengths in his 3D incarnations. We can’t really blame when even fans are skeptic about the upcoming Sonic Unleashed (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii), but Sonic Team head honcho Yoshihisa Hashimoto keeps on telling everyone that this next-gen offering will bring Sonic back to glory.

Kombo reportedly got a hold of Play Magazine’s latest issue which pages contained promising details. After talking about the Hedgehog Engine and Sonic Unleashed utilizing both 2D and 3D stages, Hashimoto allegedly revealed that the game’s Wii version is developed by Dimps, the company responsible for Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure.

While Hashimoto said folks at Dimps “are working hard at replicating [Sonic Unleashed on PS3/360] visuals as much as possible,” he did clarify the Wii will benefit from different stage design and appropriate controls. Sonic Rush games on the DS had superb levels that kept our heads spinning as Sonic had several paths available to reach the finish line, and we’re eager to see such quality on the waggle console.

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