Sony hiring more people for PSP LocoRoco 2?

Sony hiring for LocoRoco 2 - Image 1Sony‘s efforts to push out the rumored LocoRoco sequel seem to be undermanned. A job posting at the career page of Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCEI) web site announced the need for new team players for the LocoRoco development team.

According to tipster Alex Rowe, the post also says that the new LocoRoco game is totally different from the PlayStation 3 version, LocoRoco Cocoreccho. In fact, the post describes the new LocoRoco game as one for the PlayStation Portable.

Sony hiring for LocoRoco 2 - Image 1A bird by the name of Alex Rowe chirped this tip to QJ.NET: a post on Sony Computer Entertainment International’s (SCEI) career page when translated apparently says that the LocoRoco team is looking for new members for the next LocoRoco PlayStation Portable game.

Now we all know that game designer Tsutomu Kouno revealed a new LocoRoco game at the Develop Conference in Brighton earlier: LocoRoco Cocoreccho on the Sony PlayStation 3. A little while after, Kouno voiced his desires to create a sequel on the PSP – the platform where the singing lovable, bouncing blobs of cuteness were born.

If this doesn’t count as the official announcement for LocoRoco‘s comeback, then we could wait for the press wire to start chiming “Bajumbo moi noi noi chaker…” But this would probably serve as ample confirmation that the LocoRoco team is actively pursuing Kouno’s dream.

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