Sony on Firmware, the PS3, and the PSP

PSP - Image 1Since the release of the Firmware 5.0 for the PSP and the 2.5 for the PS3, gamers got the much needed boost in the use of their platforms. Munechika Nishida managed to speak with Sony Computer Entertainment bigwigs and discussed what’s in store for Sony’s top platforms.

PSP and PS3 - Image 1Since the release of Firmware 5.0 for the PSP and 2.5 for the PS3, gamers got the much needed boost in the use of their platforms. Munechika Nishida, a well-connected technology writer,  managed to speak with Naoya Matsui, Koujiro Umemura, Masaki Takase, and Shinji Noda from Sony Computer Entertainment about the upcoming firmware for PSP and PS3.

Sony has actually been working on Flash 9 support for some time now. This has been a heavily requested feature, said Matsui, more particularly for Japan users who wish to watch vids from Nico Nico Video, a Japanese version of YouTube. To do this, Sony customized a separate Flash implementation provided by Adobe.

According to Takase, to run Flash-based playback for H.264 videos requires the use of an SPU. This separates web page loading from video playback, giving users improved frame rate.

The PSP, however, will not be getting Flash 9 support just yet. Noda explained that the PSP is extremely resource limited. Getting the full-screen keyboard to run is already hard enough. Noda also points out that it would be impossible to run the full-screen output of the PSP on TV sets unless you have hardware support.

In the meantime, Sony engineers are working on a future firmware update for the PSP to add video capture support, in addition to the screen capture support that it already has.

Unfortunately, owners of the early 20GB PS3 will have something to rant about. Sony’s Ad-Hoc Party initiative will not be supported by the old system. Umemura explains that it would be difficult at present to allow 20GB owners to simply attach a wireless LAN adapter via USB and use the service. Boo.

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