Sony Online Entertainment announces Valentine’s Day event for its MMORPGs

Sony Online Entertainment announces Valentine's Day event for its MMORPGs - Image 1There’s plenty of ways to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day event. Now, if you happen to game in one of Sony Online Entertainment’s MMORPGs (ex. EverQuest), you may want to read over what the company has planned for your particular virtual world. Details are in the full article.

SOE announces Valentine's Day event for its MMORPGs - Image 1With Valentine’s Day coming up in a day, Sony Online Entertainment is letting the word out that they’ve caught the love bug too.

The company is sending word that they’ll be launching a series of Valentine’s Day-themed events on their MMORPGS, which includes Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Planetside.

Here’s a rundown of each online game’s events:

Star Wars Galaxies
The Festival of Love begins on February 13. Adventurers who travel to the Ewok city of Theed will be treated to an event where they can dip berries into a special chocolate fountain. Consuming these choco-coated treats will give you some highly beneficial effects during combat.

EverQuest II
The MMO’s Goddess of Love, Erollisi Marr, will be celebrating her holiday this February 12. Players will be able to present each other with virtual Erollisi roses, enjoy heart shaped cookies and sip love potions. You may also run into the occasional love note or message candy when you kill a random mob during the event, which ends in February 19.

The adventurers of Norrath will be celebrating ValentineÂ’s Day by seeking out a GM who will provide them with a unique holiday quest. This even will be from February 12 to 19.

Players who log in February 12 to 14 will receive a special ball-and-chain merit. Also, the dummy NPCs that fill the virtual shooting range now feature names such as: ItÂ’s Not You ItÂ’s Me and Ice Queen.

That’s the lowdown on each world’s Valentine’s Day event. Drop by again in case more updates are announced.

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