Sony Online Entertainment presents EverQuest 2 lore: Flight of the Mudskipper

Box art for EverQuest 2 - Image 1Few things enrich an MMORPG like good lore. In line with that, Sony Online Entertainment has prepared an EverQuest 2 story about a gnomish inventor and a halfling pilot, called “Flight of the Mudskipper.” For more narrative goodness, turn to the full article, right after the jump.

Twiddy mourning the demise of the Mudskipper in EverQuest 2 - Image 1“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” so goes the old saying. That’s precisely what halfling pilot Twiddy Bobick and gnomish inventor A.M. Fiddlewiz did in this EverQuest 2 story presented by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

Entitled “Flight of the Mudskipper,” the story details what happened when Murphy’s Law kicked in during midflight, and what happened afterward.

In summary, the Mudskipper’s maiden flight proved to be a short-lived one. The craft crash landed soon after it launched, seemingly taking the halfling pilot’s dreams along with it. Nevertheless, Bobick and Fiddlewiz soon encountered something that renewed their hope of conquering the skies – a Drafling’s model of the doomed aircraft.

The Drafling left the model in Bobick’s hands and encouraged him to try once more, on the condition that they build the Drafling a tower in his honor. In time, Fiddlewiz and Bobick succeeded, and a tower rose in memory of the Drafling who helped make it possible.

That was the story of Flight of the Mudskipper in a nutshell. If you’d like to experience this bit of lore from EverQuest 2 in its full narrative glory, just click on the source link below and you’ll be taken to the full version of SOE’s story.

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