Sony reaffirms MGS4 exclusivity with CES 2008 demo

Solid Snake - Image 1The buzz of Metal Gear Solid 4 crossing over to the Microsoft Xbox 360 never seems to die. Even with repeated denials from Kojima Productions and Konami Digital, fans still talk about it regularly all over the Web. In the Consumer Electronics Show 2008, Sony hopes to settle the score once and for all by showing a demo and a screen that signifies MGS4‘s PlayStation 3 exclusivity. Go to the full article to view the screen.

MGS4 exclusive - Image 1

The Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360 rumor has been around for a long time now, and Sony along with Kojima Productions have tried to kill the buzz time and again. The Consumer Electronics Show 2008 in Las Vegas is no different as the anticipated tactical espionage game is marked as a Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The image reproduced above was seen in Sony’s CES 2008 booth where MGS4 was demoed off to the crowd using the new DualShock 3 controller. Sony and Konami Digital seem to hope that this move silences the buzz once and for all.

Fans of the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 continue to argue in online message boards about exclusivity. Whether this image above signifies absolute exclusivity or a temporal one remains to be seen. We’ll update you as soon as we can.

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